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Why Run is Important?

If you plan to start running outdoor or on a treadmill this post will try to explain you why running is one of the best thing you can do for the object you should care most of: your body.
Since there are many benefits your body (and your mind) can enjoy of from a regularly running workout, we will list here only the most important.
runner pro

Loosing weight

loose weightThe most important reason that usually force people to begin workout (and probably is the only one, at least in the beginning) is fat burning.
Running is an aerobic exercise and it requires to exploit a lot of energies. So during your workout a lot of calories are burnt. This amount of calories is very difficult to burn in the same time with another athletic activity. The amount of burnt calories can be estimate with this formula:

distance covered (km) x body weight (kg) = burnt calories (kcal)

For example: a man who weighs 75 kg and runs for 6 km burns 450 kcal. This is obviously an approximation because you should consider heart rate, inclination, speed and the type of ground too for a precise count (all these parameters could be easily compute on a treadmill and this is a huge benefit for a precise workout). You should also consider the boost of burnt calories can go on for few hours from the end of the training.

Health benefits

running heartIt isn’t true that running develops only your legs muscles. Have you ever think that your heart can be trained too? This is true especially on long distance training; but the most important benefits come from HDL (high density lipoprotein), triglycerides, glycemia and blood pressure reduction. All these factors cause the reduction of risk of heart attacks, the reduction of risk of diabetes and the reduction of risk of ischemic stroke.

Muscles and bone joints

leg musclesBoth muscle and bone masses are known to decline with age, especially if your lifestyle is sedentary. But the muscle mass decline can be fight with a constant running workout. And the little impacts with the ground on every footsteps cause the stimulation of the cells that constitute bony tissue. So, the risk of osteoporosis reduces too. And this is a great benefit for the normal daily activity too since a robust muscular and bony tissue reduce the falling hazards. You will rarely hear about a runner (maybe aged) with a thighbone broken!


Endurance sports seem to be able to reduce the fall of the growth hormone (HGH) production. This process begin after twenty years old and accelerate after forty years old. The reduction of the growth hormone is one of the reason that cause aging. So, reducing its fall let you to reduce the aging. Running doesn’t make your life only better, but longer too!

Don’t you want now to just wear your running shoes and begin to train yourself? With a treadmill you can workout whenever you want, even at home.