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Life Fitness Treadmills Review

Life Fitness LogoLife Fitness is one of the bigger American fitness and gym equipment manufacturer. This company is famous to be the first to develop an electronic stationary bike! So you can understand the importance of Life Fitness for the fitness industry. People behind this company know how to do their job for sure: they live to build the best fitness machines. After all, they are called Life Fitness! This is why I want to talk you about this treadmill manufacturer company.

Life Fitness was founded over 40 years ago. In 1970 the founders Ray Wilson and Augie Neto were inspired by the work of Dr. Keene P. Dimmick who was the first to develop a stationary exercise bike. They found the idea wonderful and they chose to transform that machine in a consumer product: the first LifeCycle Exercise Bike was born!

Since then they worked hard to make Life Fitness the global leader in the fitness industry with over four thousands different products sold to their client to make their lives healthier and definitively better!

The company vision is the creation of products that really give customers the power to choose the best equipment for them without forcing them to buy the last over-hyped product that will last the time of its marketing campaign. And the only way to have a relationship like that with the client is to build thoughtful and innovative (but durable and reliable, too) products.
This vision is impressed upon Life Fitness products; after its Lifecycle stationary bicycles and treadmills built with the famous FlexDeck shock absorption system, Life Fitness has extended its market with a line of Hammer Strength products, other Cardio Training machines, Strength Developing Stations and Fitness Accessories.

But our interest is addressed to their treadmills. So let’s go: we can count up to three treadmill series: Activate Series, Integrity Series and the brand new Elevation Series.

Activate Series

The Activate Series Treadmill is one of the Top company treadmills! It has all the features that makes Life Fitness treadmills the best choice in the industry and it is completely develop and build in the USA:

  • it’s easy to use thanks to its intuitive console to quickly start and to easily monitoring your workout;
  • it’s reliable and durable; all Life Fitness treadmills are deeply tested to ensure these features;
  • it’s safe: the patented FlexDeck Shock Absorption System reduces the risk of injury by making the stress over knees and joint softer;
  • it’s motor is at State of the art level;
  • its Side Handrails makes the workout comfortable even if you need to sustain yourself by your hands;
  • it has a large and long deck (with its belt) so you can run even at high speed;
  • it has nine running programs to make you workout more funny and diverse!

Integrity Series

The Integrity Series Treadmills are the more innovative Life Fitness Treadmills. In fact, they have three features that the elite exerciser will love:

  1. they have up to 28 workouts with automatic incline level and speed adjust to keep your heart rate at the level you want! If you think that some programs follow Military fitness protocol you can have the right general view about the solidness of this wonderful treadmills;
  2. they have the latest aesthetic and entertainment upgrades: for example, to connect and to control your iPod is easy thanks to its console-integrated iPod and TV controls;
  3. they have Rapidwork Service Enhancements that makes maintenance easy: the console informs you of service needs and records every maintenance performed on them!

Elevation Series

But, if you want the ultimate cardio experience the Elevation Series Treadmills are the right for you! They are the most expensive model (you can save a lot of money buying a used treadmills instead of a new one) but they ensure the best user experience possible. These treadmills are built to join the well-known DX3 Belt and Deck System and FlexDeck technology to the new workout experience possible by the use of the electronic technology: in fact, we can say that their Tablet Consoles experience is comparable with the last general purpose tablets purchasable on the ITC market.
With this full-touch high-definition tablet you can:

  • save and surf your favorite websites;
  • upgrade services and programs;
  • save reports of your workout to analyze them later on PC and smartphone;
  • connect with friends, chat with personal trainers or groups through Life Fitness “My Community“.

All these features are a plus to the reliability and durability that are well-known about Life Fitness Treadmills. Generous running surface, high power motor, LifeSpring system and Stride Sensor are the usual features that will make happy about your purchase.

So, if you want to save your money Life Fitness treadmills aren’t right for you for sure! There are others good treadmills on the market that will satisfy you with a lower expense.
But, if you’re looking for the ultimate treadmill experience Life Fitness running machines are the right for you. They will ensure reliability, durability, solidness and the state-of-the-art technology!

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